5 reasons why you need to try a hot towel shave

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

What comes to mind when you think of a hot towel shave? Old school right? Well there's a reason these were so popular back in the day, and also why they're making a comeback.

A hot towel shave shouldn't be a foreign concept to men, not only is it beneficial to your skin but it can change your whole mood if done right, and we all know how important it is to look after our mental health. So to change the stigma of a hot towel shave we've put together 5 reasons why you should try one today.

1. It's beneficial to the skin underneath.

When you shave at home you're rushing through it, rubbing some cheap shaving cream on your face, using a blunt razor, shaving in maximum two directions and not using any post shave care. For a lot of men shaving your face is the only skin care you do, so why not do it properly. When you get a hot towel shave a pre shave cream is used to moisturise an soften the skin before your shave, then a hot towel is applied. This combination is the first key to looking after your skin. The hot towel opens your pores and makes it easier for the razor to remove dead skin, dirt and allows for a closer shave. The razor is wiped clean between each small stroke to ensure sharpness and cleanliness during the entire shave as opposed to you using a dirty razor on a third of your face before rinsing. Continuing to utilise a clean shave will result in clearer and healthier skin. This includes those of you who have a beard and line up your edges.

2. Avoids ingrown hairs.

Too often when doing a beard trim or shave a lot of men ask you not to use a razor as they usually just use trimmers at home due to rashes and ingrown hairs. The reason you may be experiencing this is because you're not using the proper care when shaving. Having this done in a barbershop wth a hot towel and experienced barber will eliminate this problem. Using a hot towel and care will allow your barber to try carefully shave your neck in a way that will eliminate ingrown hairs.

3. It relaxes you.

You might be nervous about getting a hot towel shave, but you have no idea what it can do for your outlook on life. A hot towel is soaked in essential oils often used to relax and sooth. Take it from someone who does multiple shaves a week. The difference you see in a persons demeanour when they sit up after a shave is uplifting, you feel energised, motivated, and completely reset. Changing someones outlook on life isn't about big grand gestures, it's small movements and changes that can slowly create a new outlook. Taking 30 minutes out of your week to do something for yourself and relax in a comfortable environment can work wonders for your attitude on life and mental health. Barbers are generally good talkers and listeners, something as small as a genuine conversation in a relaxing situation can turn around a bad week.

4. A closer shave.

Because a hot towel and fresh razor is used for each shave you're guaranteed a closer shave every time, meaning you have to shave less often. The hair is also treated with care so when your hair does grow back, it will grow back less porous and will feel softer.

5. The better half will thank you for it.

Imagine woking hard all week, and coming home on a Friday afternoon with a fresh haircut and cleanly shaven face. There's nothing better! Your partner will appreciate the effort you make to take pride in your appearance, and you basically had to do nothing but sit in the barbershop, drink a beer and talk shit. Easy work!

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