5 things you might be doing that affect the result of your haircut!

There are a number of factors that can result in a bad haircut, but how many of them are you committing yourself without even realising? Here's a list of a few things you might be doing that could throw a spanner in the works!

1. Built up hair product

You haven't washed your hair in a few days and the hair product you're using can be a bit sticky, but it's all good, we can spray some water in your hair and comb it out. Well, not really, we can break some of it down but we're not gunna get it all out. If you're putting product on the side of your head (people do it) the clippers aren't going to grab all the hair properly, and when we comb the top to cut it the hair won't pull through the comb evenly so when you do wash your hair after your cut you're going to find long bits sticking up that the hair product wasn't letting go of.

2. Your hair's a bit long, so just chuck a hat on until you get a cut

You wake up with bed hair, chuck a hat on for the day then come into the shop for a haircut. Problem is, your hair is gunna be stuck in the position it was under that hat, so if bits are curled over and sticking up in the wrong direction, they're going to be cut that way, and when your hair finally settles it's not going to blend with the rest of your hair as well as it should.

3. You're a bobble head

Your barber is squeezing your head and moving it in all different directions, so you think you know what's going on and wanna be helpful, and move it to where you think it should be as your barber works their way around your hair. Your barber will move your head to the angle they need and they'll leave it there until they need it moved again. You don't need to keep moving your head around to be helpful, keep your head stiff. To give you a quality cut your barber need to be able to see your head at the angle you're going to be holding it everyday.

4. You're 'not fussy'

You think being blazé about your haircut makes you an easy one, but with no direction we could ruin your day in 20 minutes. If your answer is 'you don't care' you're likely to get a haircut that doesn't fit with what you really wanted. Your barbers ideal haircut could be something you hate, so don't let them 'do whatever they want', especially if you usually get a #2 on the sides, there's an 80% chance they'll give you a skin fade.

Next time you're booked in for a cut try eliminating some of these factors to get the most out of your visit!

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