Barber talk... Do you know what to ask for?

Are you one of those people who sit in the barber chair and answer “I don’t know” when you’re asked what type of cut you’re after? You’ve either answered yes, or you’ve thought “people do that?”

There are two types of people in a barbershop. The ones who sit down and ask for a zero fade, blended on both sides, a little off the top, and give it a bit of a thin out. Then there are the people who look in the mirror, know their hair is a little too long but don’t know how to describe how what they want. Let me give you a scenario…

Customer sits in chair.

Barber: “What are you after”

Customer: “A haircut”

(First sigh)

Barber: “What number do you get on the sides?”

Customer: “I don’t know”

Barber: “A zero fade?”

Customer: “No that’s too short”

Barber” A number two?”

Customer: “Nah”

Barber: “A number one?”

Customer: “I don’t know, what do you reckon?”

I didn't make that up. That happened last week.

If you tell a barber to do what they reckon, they’re going to shave your head, give you a #2 on the sides because it’s fast and you’re obviously not fussy, or they’re going to give you a skin fade because they like a skin fade. These are all very different cuts so unless you want a haircut you don’t like, you need to learn to speak up. You don’t need to be a barber, for all you people who answer “I don’t know I’m not a barber”. But you do know how short you want your hair so you need to have a general idea of the type of cut you want and you need to let your barber know. It’s 2019, you go to a barber instead of your mates mum who's a hairdresser because they’re particular about mens cuts so you need to be particular too.

There are three key elements when it comes to describing your haircut, there are more questions that can be asked in between but these three factors will be the most obvious;

  1. What number do you get on the sides

  2. How do you style your hair/which direction do you style it (Do you slick it straight back, do you push it to one side, do you mess it up in the middle)

  3. Whichever way you wear your hair, is it disconnected or blended

This is a disconnected slick back. The top and sides are disconnected from each other

Saying I don’t know to any of these questions in 2019 is blasphemy. If you’re reading this and don’t know the answer to the above questions it’s not too late for you. Next time you get a haircut and you like it ask the barber what they did. Or remember your answers to the questions they ask.

This is a BLENDED slick back. There is no distinct disconnection between the sides and top

Some more things to think about;

If you part your hair….

  1. Do you cut the part line in

  2. Do you take the clippers all the way up to the part line or do you leave it heavy and blend down

  3. Is your part line creeping towards the middle of your head, do you need to think about bringing it back to the side a little

The crown…

Do you get that bit at the top of your head that sticks up after a while when you haven’t had your hair cut? Do you ask your barber to cut it short cause it sticks up? Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s probably sticking up like that BECAUSE you keep cutting it off. Leaving the ‘crown’ to grow into its natural pattern of growth and blending this into the rest of your haircut will prevent it from sticking up a week later. Learning the way your hair grows and styling it accordingly will do wonders for your crown. Ask your barber about this next time you get your hair cut.

The neckline…

Do you square it off or fade it out? Most people make the same joke “I can’t see it so it doesn’t matter”. You’ll see it in two weeks when your hairline starts growing back in all different directions and you think you need a haircut again. Fading the neckline out extends the life of your haircut and keeps your neck tidy. Some people don’t like it faded and prefer the neckline squared off but don’t just say squared off because you don’t know the difference. A faded hairline is much tidier and lasts longer, the same goes for your sideburns.

If this all sounds too complicated then atleast just remember what number you’re getting on the sides. The rest can be figured out but starting off with a number for the sides is a must.

Til next time!

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