High fade, low fade, mid fade, skin fade, taper fade.... You lost yet?

So you’ve decided you need a new haircut and the last time you went in the barber got cranky because you didn’t know what you want. You go to google images and type in “mens haircut 2019” and see something you like. The picture is called “Mens Fade”

Perfect! I’ll ask for a “Mens Fade”.

You strut your well-researched ass into the barbers chair and proclaim with vigour: “I’ll have a 'Mens Fade' please!”

Then, rapid-fire, you’re bombarded with terms that you never knew existed;

“Skin fade? Zero fade? Low fade? High fade? Mid fade? Burst fade? Taper?”

Your life flashes before your eyes. You remember simpler times when your mother used to just give you a #2 all over in the back yard. No options, no responsibilities. Star Wars Episode 1 just came out and every kid wants the off-centre rats tail that Obi-Wan Kenobi has, and you’re allowed to start growing it because there’s no such thing as hurting potential job prospects when you’re in primary school.

You’re snapped out of it as the latest Soundcloud rapper song about anime and lean brings you back into the year 2019, and now you’ve got a big decision to make. Do you just pick one of the options you were presented with at random and hope for the best? Or do you ask the barber to explain each of them to you? Well, you no longer have to worry. You can reference this blog and know precisely what you’re after. 

The first decision to make is:

How short do I want the shortest part of my haircut to be? Do I want a #1 to be the shortest length or am I happy to go for the more extreme (and much cooler) skin fade?

The shortest number used among this The shortest number used among this

entire haircut is skin = Skin fade entire haircut is #2 (the number used

around the neckline and ears.

Low, Medium/Mid, High.... sorry what?

These terms reference how high up you want the shortest length of hair to be. For example, a low zero fade would be the zero (the shortest part of your haircut) starting around the ear, while a high fade would be a lot tighter with the zero line starting above the temple. So, for 9 out of 10 people this is the most important detail to be aware of. How short do you want the shortest part of the cut to be and how far up your head do you want that part to go? Do you want a mid zero fade or a high #1 fade or something else?

If a low fade still seems a little too extreme for you, you can start by tapering your nape and sideburns. This still has elements of a fade but is more like dipping your toes into the water. It’s not uncommon for someone to start here and gradually get their fade taken higher and higher. Not to mention it will grow out a lot better than if you just square everything off. Baby steps!

Taper - The least extreme Low fade High fade

If you're a bit more adventurous you can do something like a burst fade, which is a fade that starts at one point (usually just behind the ear) and goes outward in a circular shape. This is a good idea if you're wanting to have length both on the top and at the back of your head. 

Burst skin fade - The hair is faded in a circular area as if its 'bursted' out from the side of the head

Now a lot of these examples are referencing a zero or skin fade but you can definitely incorporate a low or high fade in with your number 1 or 2 on the sides, again it will just mean the fade or 'blend' will begin a lot lower on the bank and sides which may mean your hair will appear to grow back quicker as the short area isn't as prominent. A low fade is a great place to start if you want to try a shorter style but aren't 100% sold on it yet. Once you're used to the shorter style you can slowly bring it higher and higher until you're doing a super slick vin diesel skin all over and bulk buy-ing coconut oil. Too far?

If all of this is too much to take in just bring a bloody picture in. Also, wash ya bloody hair.


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